Security Consultation

Inhouse developed solutions to meet your exact needs

Your security matters

In this modern era, our dependence on technology has grown significantly. We are increasingly storing vast amounts of business and customer information online. However, many companies tend to focus solely on their physical offices and computers, overlooking the potential risks associated with their online systems. These systems are often vulnerable to exposure, posing significant threats to both the business itself and its reputation. It is crucial to ensure that your applications or websites adhere to best practices and are secure.

We offer a comprehensive review of your hosting infrastructure, website code, and configuration, as well as an assessment of the data stored and its transmission methods. Furthermore, we examine access control measures to determine who can access what data. Based on our findings, we provide tailored suggestions to enhance your security posture, if necessary, and can also deliver the necessary services to implement these improvements should you choose to proceed.

We are CompTIA Security+ certified


Web application firewall

Protect your http and https traffic from attacks such as SQL injection and cross site scripting (XSS).

code reviews

Have your code reviewed for issues and out of data modules using static code analysis.

active probing

We can probe your sites security using dynamic analysis tools and penetration tools such as Burp suite.

security tools

Integrate security tools such as Microsoft Endpoint and Sentinel to aggregate data from all your sources.


Ensure ports like FTP aren’t left exposed, strong password policies are implemented and VPN’s used as required.

User access review

Review who has access to what data and look to implement Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).