Cloud Infrastructure

Azure and AWS cloud solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud hosting is on the rise these days, offering businesses the chance to scale resources without hefty upfront costs. Yet, navigating the cloud landscape can be overwhelming with so many options available.

Here at Fluid IT, we’ve got you covered. We’ve built solutions on AWS and Azure, ranging from simple VM setups to advanced, secure scaling solutions. We’ll help you plan your cloud needs, including resilience and backups, all while sticking to your budget. And if you need ongoing monitoring and patching, we’ve got that covered too.

Already in the cloud but need to make changes? We can assist with that too. With certifications in both AWS and Azure, you can trust us to guide your cloud journey safely.


Some of the features of cloud computing

Virtual machines

Virtual Servers and Desktops, host your companies computers in the cloud. 

virtual network

Virtual networks link your machines and services together with the internet. 


Cloud storage can easily terabytes of data online for a fraction of the cost of physical equipment. 

serverless functions

Run serverless functions to complete complex tasks, only paying for what you use.


Protect your servers, websites, databases and storage online with a cloud firewall. 


Store your customer data and transactions online in an SQL database for easy reporting.